Wednesday, July 9, 2014


I didn't expect to post again until after my company left but this morning a woman stepped on my last nerve, so here I am again.

I watch NASA TV and have watched it a lot in the days since the Curiosity Mars Rover landed on Mars.  There have been daily news conferences made up of scientists, engineers, photography people etc. all giving reports of these first days.

This morning the scientist put me over the top.  She was a woman in her mid to late fifties without a shred of make-up and long stringy hair.  I realize women in academia and the sciences have more serious things on their minds than how they look but they annoy me something terrible.

How do they expect to be respected when they show up looking like something the cat drug in?  Let's face it, women have to work harder at how they look.  As long as men show up in pants and a shirt without holes they get a pass, women do not.

How much smarts does it take to fix up a little when you've know you're going to appear on TV?

With that off my chest I'm off to bathe the dog.

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